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The Study Buddy


Sep 16, 2021

The study buddy

Gazing around the lecture hall I felt nervous but exhilarated, it had taken all my courage back to university at the age of 30, but I was determined to finish my degree and graduate no matter what my age. Most of the other students looked like they were fresh out of high school and I had to reassure myself that although I was older I was looking pretty good and not at all like your typical ‘mature student’. Long hours at the gym had rewarded me with a perky bum and a smooth toned stomach. My eyes stopped at a guy with striking green eyes and full shapely lips and I felt my stomach do a little flip as I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to feel those lips caress my neck. “Stop it!” I thought “he can’t be more than 19 years old!”. But my heart began to beat wildly when he noticed me staring and smiled in my direction. Throughout the class I tried my best to concentrate on the lecturer’s voice my eyes kept wandering over to the gorgeous younger man.
After the class as I was filing away my notes when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and found myself staring directly into those mesmerising green eyes. “Hello, I’m Justin, would you like to go to the library and study for the assignment?”. He had a look of confidence and mischievousness which took my breath away. My afternoon’s errands suddenly faded away and I found myself nodding yes.

 Walking to the library my blushing subsided and we settled into easy conversation, I noticed he had slow thoughtful way of speaking and a deep smooth voice, not at all what I would have expected from someone of his young age. At the library he steered me towards an area at the back with couches and desks. After a mix of study and conversation hours had past and I realised the sky was darkening and we had been left alone. Sitting on a couch in a darkened corner, my eyes wandered down to his strong, toned arms under his fitted t-shirt, he noticed my gaze and his finger trailed along my leg which sent a tingling surge to my groin. “Do you know how old I am?” I asked, “does it matter?” he whispered and before I knew it he leaned over and began to lightly kiss my neck, the sensation was hypnotic and I sighed as his lips moved up to my earlobes while his hand slid toward my breast. I was lost in the heavenly motion of his finger gently circling my nipple through my bra and his warm breath on my neck when I saw the impressive bulge in his jeans. I longed to reach down and caress it but my mind raced with worries over his age “I could get arrested for this in some countries!” I fretted. He must have read my mind because he slowly pulled my hand towards his groin, all my concerns melted away when my hand felt his fullness and I knew I had to have him. “Do you think anyone will catch us?” I asked as I started slowly stroking his solid cock, “don’t worry” he said breathlessly, “we’re alone”. Soon his sensuous lips were on mine and his kiss felt both smooth and firm, his tongue gently entered my mouth, in my excitement I began to feel wetness between my legs. His excitement was growing too and his hand moved up my leg until his fingers were probing into my panties. He groaned when he felt how moist I was and he eagerly slid a finger inside me. We sat on the couch pleasuring each other as subtly as we could until the tension became too much and he led me behind a well hidden book shelf. He wasted no time in stripping off my underwear from under my skirt and effortlessly lifting me onto a small desk. Standing in front of me, he was well positioned to enter me and I thought I would burst when he hesitated just long enough for me to catch a full view of his large, perfectly formed manhood. “He may be young” I thought “but definitely fully grown”. He slowly pushed inside me and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud. The fullness of his cock and the rhythm of his thrusting were exquisite and I dug my fingers into his shoulders as my pleasure mounted. As he gripped my bum cheeks and his breath quickened I could sense that he was going to come any second. Before long, waves of pleasure swept through me just in time as I could feel him climax also. I was overcome with warm satisfaction as we both caught our breath and began to compose ourselves. As we walked out of the library with rosy cheeks and guilty smiles on our faces, I giggled at the thought of what I had just done, “one day back at uni and I’m turning into a teenager I thought!”.

Rose Bradford

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