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CROWS AND CACTUS by Scarlett Quinn


Sep 20, 2021

CROWS AND CACTUS by Scarlett Quinn

On days like this Grandma used to say that God was smiling down on us.  I lost faith in God a long time ago, but today with the sun shining and the breeze fresh, I almost believed.   The hunting seemed to be a gift from God too.  I swear that young Prong Buck just walked right into my sites and looked me in the eye.  I managed to pick off a few fat Jack Rabbits as well.  More divine intervention maybe; as usually the only ones getting fat round here was the crows and the cactus.

By the time I’d cleaned, butchered and stored the meat in the deep freeze, it was after dark.  Home was a trailer sitting smack bang in the middle of no man’s land.  There was a dirt track from the door which eventually joined up with the main road into town.  Janine took the old pick up along that road every day to go and work at the local convenience store.  She’d been working extra hours lately, but we were still only scraping by.  We were both sick to death of beans for dinner, not to mention the stink that filled the trailer and made us want to gag every morning.

I opened the door with a big smile on my face but was greeted by silence and darkness.  When I stopped to listen I heard Janine’s regular breathing and knew she was asleep.  I slipped into the bathroom to shower and shave.  Before I ventured out I stopped to take a look at myself in the small mirror.  I was neither young nor old, neither ugly nor handsome.  People still raved about mom’s beauty pageant looks, while in the next breath, swearing that I was the spitting image of pop.  I inherited pop’s sandy hair, ordinary face and lean wiry body.  I hadn’t gained any weight since high school, but most of my old friends had fattened up like Thanksgiving turkeys.  I did inherit one thing from my mom though; her clear, sky blue eyes.

I stepped out of the bathroom and paused for a minute to let my eyes adjust to the dark.  I could see Janine lying on the bed naked except for a white singlet.  I opened up the curtains at the head of the bed to let the moonlight shine in.  I stood staring for I don’t know how long.  She was so beautiful.  Her milky white skin, rare in these parts, seemed to glow in the moonlight.   She had long brown hair and matching eyes which you were more than happy to lose yourself in.  She was small and thin, also rare in these parts, with small tits that fit perfectly into my mouth.  Most people thought she was plain, but I saw different.  Sometimes when she looked at me I burned like a torch.

One time while I was waiting for her to finish work, I decided to stop in at the bar.  Some of my old buddies dropped by and were in a generous mood.  Janine ended up having to stay back late at work, and by the time she came looking for me, I was hammered.  She never drank, so stood nervously just inside the door.  The barman greeted her first and she nodded politely.  She squinted, and as she made me out in the gloom of the bar, I saw her face blossom into a smile.  A smile meant just for me.  My face went slack while my cock went rock hard.  I turned away from her as she walked quickly towards me.  Before she could sit I angrily told her that I would meet her in the car.  My heart broke as her smile faded and those big brown eyes watered up.  There was stony silence on the trip home.  But what could I do?  Tell her that I needed 10 minutes for my hard-on to go down?

I gently stroked Janine’s thigh and she groaned and stretched.  My mouth watered as I knelt down and pulled her hips towards the edge of the bed.  I bent forward and drank in her musky smell.  That smell seemed to fill my whole body.  It made my cock so hard it was starting to ache, so I sat back and took some slow deep breaths.  After a little while I reached out, spread her legs and massaged her inner thighs gently with my thumbs.  She arched her back slightly and tried to raise her hips upwards.  I smiled and gave in, nuzzling into her searching pussy.  She sighed as I probed her deeply with my tongue.  After a little while I moved upwards and flicked my tongue lightly over her clit.  She groaned louder now and grabbed my hair in her hands.  Usually when we made love she held something back and was frustratingly quiet.  Surprising really, considering the only things to hear us out here were the crows and the cactus.  But this time her orgasm came quickly, and being half asleep and defenceless, she cried out loudly and bucked against me.

I stood up and let the towel fall to the floor as Janine repositioned herself on the bed.  She smiled sleepily at me and then raised an arm to pull me to her.  I kissed her slowly and deeply.  Her hands wandered over my back and then one moved down to stroke my cock.  I pulled back, a little shocked.  She was rarely so forward.  She pushed my chest so that I sat back on my haunches.  Then she moved forward to kneel in front of me and pulled off her singlet top.  She stayed in that position so that her tits were right in front of my face.  I licked my lips and went to kiss them, when she put her hand on my shoulder to stop me.  She turned away from me then, and positioned herself on all fours in front of me.  My mouth hung open as my brain struggled to control my body.  Then she turned to look at me.  Oh God, that lips parted ‘come fuck me’ look.  In a split second my sac had tightened and my cock turned to steel.  It was all I could do not to cum all over her back right there and then.

I forced myself to breath slowly and deeply, tried to slow my pounding heart.  I placed my shaking hands on her hips and pressed the head of my cock into her wet pussy.  She groaned and bit her lower lip.  I pulled out, and then slowly pushed the head in.  And so it went for a while, with me going a little bit deeper each time.  It wasn’t long before she was pushing back against me with each slow thrust of my cock.  She was panting loudly and I knew she was torn between wanting it slow, and wanting me to pound her to orgasm.  As it turned out she didn’t have to choose, ‘cause within seconds a fierce pain tore up my thigh.  I cried out and rolled onto my back, clutching my leg and swearing loudly.

Janine sat up on her haunches and cocked her head, looking at me thoughtfully.  Then she daintily rolled off the bed and padded into the kitchen.  She pulled out a small brown glass bottle from a cupboard.  It didn’t have a label; one of her concoctions.  She twisted off the cap and the smell overwhelmed me.  It wasn’t unpleasant, just strong.  She poured a little bit into the palm of one hand and rubbed both hands together before massaging my traitor thigh.  It felt better straight away and I lay back with my eyes closed while she worked the pain away.   I wanted to get back the raging erection I’d had before the cramp took over.  I opened my eyes and focused on her tits, which jiggled slightly as she rubbed.  I was soon hard again.

Janine was concentrating so much on my thigh that it took her a while to notice my cock.  She looked up and smiled.  “You must be feeling better then.”  I smiled back.  She grabbed the bottle, poured some more tonic into her hand and then reached for my cock.  I grabbed her wrist.  “Don’t you trust me?” she asked.  I loosened my grip and tried not to tense up.  It felt warm and tingly, not so bad.  She rubbed my cock for a while before moving her hands down between her legs.  One hand moved up to rub her nipples, while the other fingered her pussy.  I held my breath and prayed this wasn’t a dream.

Then she straddled me and lowered herself on top of my straining cock.  Now it was her turn to take it slow, and even though the night chill had crept in, I was sweating with concentration.  She rolled her hips forward and back at the same time that she went up and down.  It was as if she was riding one of those mechanical rodeo bulls, but in slow motion.  My concentration was starting to fail and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would cum.  I thrust one hand down to my pelvis so that she could grind her clit against my thumb.  In a few short strokes she slowed right down and looked at me.  She had an odd, confused look on her face, her eyebrows drawn together.  Then it happened.  She curled inwards before arching back to let out an almighty scream.  The whole time she was cumming her hips were bucking against me as if they were on automatic.  Well that was it for me, her orgasm seemed to explode over my whole body, and in seconds I was gone.  I was still cumming when she fell on top of me shaking.

We lay there for a long time, my cock going soft inside her as she let her breathing return to normal.  Eventually she rolled off to lie beside me.  We held hands in the moonlight. 

“Honey,” she said with a real seriousness to her voice. 

“Yeah,” I said, just a little nervous. 

“I can’t have beans for dinner another night.” 

I laughed then and pulled her into a hug.  I whispered into her hair, “you won’t have to baby, you won’t have to.”


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