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Oct 2, 2021


Getting onto the train, I looked back at Alex, a sad look in his eyes, knowing this was the last time he would see me.
Alex and I had been together for 6 months, and although he was a fantastic sexy guy, with no doubt the greatest ass in the world, there was no adventure. Im the kind of girl that needs a little excitement and mystery in my life. I had to end it.
The train to Venice was an over-night one. It was a humid nite, it was already dark, and getting late so i made my way down the narrow carriage to find my room for the night. Fumbling with my bags i dropped my cell phone. As i bent down to pick it up I saw a man undressing through the slightly ajar door.
The man was tall and well built, beef in all the right places, he had his back to me, so i couldnt see much, but what i did see, i liked. Alot. I tunred to go to my room, but bumped into the wall next to me. He quickly turned to see me blush and dash into my room.
As i lay in the darkness, slepiness coming over me I couldnt stop the thoughts of this stranger from coming into my head. His strong arms caressing my flat stomach and pinching my perky hard nipples. The sheer thought of this man was making me wet. I could feel my juices seeping into my pink panties as i lay there.
After being asleep for about 2 hours i was awoken by a creak of a door. Startled i sat up in bed. “SHHHHH” came a mans voice as he raised his finger to my lips.
It was dark, so i could only make out a shillouette of a big man. His finger slid down my chin slowly landing on my chest. Over my tight t-shirt, he cupped my right breast, the nipple perking up to his touch. I gasped, as i knew this shouldnt be happening, but the thrill and the feeling of pleasure took over. I let him carry on. His hands slipped up under my shirt and lifted it up over my head. My large breasts falling into place. Immediately he grabbed them both and started sucking on my nipples, going from left to right, the wetness of his lips sending electric sensations right to my clit.
I stood up out of bed, wearing nothing but my pink panties, my breasts still in the strangers hands. I kissed the corner of his mouth. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip before he took my breath away in a deep, sensual kiss. As we separated for a few brief moments I relished in the way his kiss tasted of mint and inhaled his intoxicating scent. When our lips met for a second time it was filled with need. As our bodies pressed closer together I could feel his engorged cock pressing against my hip. I was already aroused, but the feel of his cock sent me spiraling deeper into my arousal.
Slowly the mans hands moved down my body, picked me up and lifted me up onto the bunk. , he slid his finger between my legs and rubbed my clit, through my already wet panties. My dripping pussy reacted, and rubbed against him. He removed my panties slowly, kissing down my stomach, pausing for just long enough for a moan to escape my lips. I arched my back, offering myself to him
In an instant his mouth was surrounding my clit and his tongue was lapping at my juices flowing from within. His teeth scraped my clit and he sucked it even harder after nibbling with his teeth. His tongue drove in and out of my slit, teasing and lapping at my juices. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I moaned and thrashed as my orgasm hit strong. My juices flowed over his tongue and he lapped furiously to take it all. Finally he leaned over me and kissed me with my juices still wet on his chin and lips. His kiss was so soft, yet urgent, and somewhat familiar.
The room was still extremely dark, so all we could do was explore with our hands and bodies. I reached down to his rock hard cock, and set it free from the confines of his jeans. gripping it tightly, I took the head in my mouth, carefully flicking my tounge around, hearing a gasp escape his lips i moved further down the shaft, taking the whole length of him in, using my tongue to lick his balls, impressing him with my deep throat abilities. The strangers hips began to move rhythmically with me. I could feel his hands on the back of my head pushing me down.
He pulled me back up to his mouth, and i removed his jeans and tossed them carelessly on the floor. We were both naked, and hot with pleasure. The stranger lowered me onto the bed, and i could feel is erect cock rubbing against my leg. My legs fell open, inviting him into my pink moist pussy. The stranger did not hesitate for a moment. I was already so turned on, i almost left the bed in my effort to meet his touch.
Our bodies felt like they were meant to be joined, the thrusting of his cock deep into my soft pussy made me writhe in pleasure. A deep moan escaped my throat, the stranger kissed me hard and deep muffling the moans that followed. I ground myself onto him, feeling him pulsate deep inside me, his thrusting became more urgent, and i felt his hot load burst inside my cunt.
Breathlessley, we both collapsed onto the bed beside us, his cock still inside me. I felt all of our juices gushing out as he carefully removed himself. I had never experienced such pleasure, and realised the stranger and I had not spoken.
“Um, this was fantastic and all, in fact id say it was the most pleasurable fuck of my life!, but who are you, what is your name.” I asked the stranger.
He did not reply, instead getting up off the bed and heading to the door. “wait!” i said.
The stranger did not leave, he switched the light on. It took a second for my eyes to adjust, but there was Alex, standing butt naked in my room. My jaw dropped in surprise and shock. “Hey babe!” he exclaimed. “best fuck ever huh?” I was speechless. “Now was that the sort of excitement and adventure you were talking about?” he asked. “Alex, oh my god.” i said completely lost for words. I jumped off the bed and ran to hug him. Our naked bodies touching, still moist from sweat and our juices, i felt his hand slide up between my legs, his finger slipping into my cunt, and arousing me instantly. I led him back to the bed, leaving the lights on this time.

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